Digital Learning And How It Changes The Ball Game For Education

The internet has made sweeping changes to how we work and live. In the digital age, everything is just a touch of a screen away. From shopping to communicating, and now learning, almost everything can be done online.

Even universities such as Harvard are now offering online distance learning, making it accessible to those who could never even dream of a Harvard education before.

Long term, this means a growing base of more educated, more internet-savvy individuals than ever before. This trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Benefits of Digital Learning


Online programs are tailored to the needs of the working individual which means they can participate without interrupting their daily tasks.

In this way they can gain important work-related skills without leaving the building. When it comes to time and money, digital learning is an effective tool for keeping your team on the cutting edge of the industry.

Digital education takes place within a specified time frame at a pace that suits the learners’ abilities. This eliminates performance anxiety and pressure, resulting in a better final outcome.

There is no competition with other students and the study material can be revised as many times as needed until the work is understood. In a live classroom atmosphere, slower learners may be hesitant to ask for clarification, or slow the pace of the entire class.

The advent of the tablet, smartphone and iPad mean that a computer is not required for students to access information and interact with their tutor.

Course Content is Relevant and Up to Date

The importance of the teacher in digital education cannot be overstated. Course material is created by industry experts with practical experience in the areas of study.

In the context of online marketing, learners are exposed to insights from expert marketers who can share valuable inside information on marketing trends and practices.

Content can be adjusted to bring students only the most up to date statistics and data pertaining to their field of study. This is easily done behind the scenes without any interruption to the work flow.

Video content is easily created and shared with students to explain concepts or highlight examples.

Minimal Paperwork

Online self-test questionnaires are invaluable in testing the students’ knowledge as the course progresses. These can be corrected automatically and instantly, without taking up any of the course originator’s time.
Digital study is easier and more effective than hitting the books. A simple Google search can provide students with a wealth of information that would take weeks of paging through books.

The environmental impact of cutting down on all that paper goes without saying.

Implications of Digital Learning for Online Marketing

The online marketing industry can benefit tremendously from the concept of digital learning as follows:
• Remote workers are able to keep their industry knowledge up to date at the click of a mouse
• Staff can be educated on new products and services easily and cost-effectively.
• An in-house marketing team can update their knowledge whenever a new course becomes available.

Clearly digital learning is the way forward in education and staff training. Start searching for the latest online marketing tips today if you want your business to move forward.

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