7 Ways that Travel Brands Can Ace Their Content Marketing

Everybody’s doing it, but constantly coming up with fresh ideas for content can be a drain on your resources. Like most things though, there are tricks to the trade that make it easier for the experts.

Read on for some inside tips from a content marketing consultant.

1. End with the Headline

The headline of your content delivers a promise to your readers and entices them to read more.
As you research and write, film or photograph your content, things get added and taken away.By writing your headline last, you get to point out what really stands out about your content to the reader. Write the headline last so that it highlights what can really be gained from reading or watching the content.A useful tip is to write several headlines and then go back to them a day later and decide which one is most appealing.

2. Keep up to Date

The digital world is moving at a pace that could only be imagined decades ago. Cutting edge technologies are blunted by the next day as something superior replaces them.

The world of content marketing is no different. Keep abreast of developments in the marketing worlds by following digital marketing consultant’s blog pages and subscribing to content marketing newsletters.

You need to constantly adjust your marketing to mimic the latest trends and you need to watch your back. Setting up Google alerts can help to keep track of what your competitors are up to as well as monitor any mentions of your brand online.

This is particularly important in big MNC’s where negative reviews can spread like wildfire overnight.

3. Engage with your Audience

Nothing switches people off quicker than an uninvited sales pitch. Eliminate the terms ‘buy now’ and ‘book now’ from your content.

The function of content marketing is to woo new customers and build your brand, not to garner direct sales. Your aims are to fascinate and titillate and get them to spread the word.

Engagement is the spice of life in content marketing.

4. Keep at it

Google loves commitment. Updating your website and social media pages regularly gives them credibility in the eyes of the search engine giant.

Set up a content calendar and stick to it. If you travel product isn’t interesting enough to do this, you’ve got a lot bigger problems than content marketing can fix.

5. Be Interesting

Mix it up when it comes to the type of content you use. Creating only one blog post and then placing it everywhere is boring.

Convert the content to video for Facebook and use an infographic on Instagram for example. Different platforms work better for different kinds of content.

6. Reel Them In

In the fast-moving digital age, attention spans have dwindled to almost nothing. You have 8 seconds to attract your audience’s attention.

You better have something good coming up in the next 8 seconds too, or you’ll lose them.

7. Use Content Marketing Tools

There are quite a few tools out there to help you and save you time. These are some of the most effective:

• Portent’s Idea Generator for fun headline suggestions
• Google’s live tool to check out today’s hottest topics
• The Hemingway App to make sure your content is easy to read and flows
• Grammarly is an excellent proof-reading tool
• SmallSEOTools has an excellent plagiarism checker to ensure you haven’t duplicated content by mistake

All of the above take the pain out of content creation and are found in the toolkit of every content marketing consultant.

If you want to create content like a pro take these tips to heart. If it’s all too much for you, hiring a content marketing consultant is the answer you need.

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